All Season Nursery at Sunset PhotoWe set ourselves apart by providing consistent, premium customer service and quality plant material. Plant brokerage services and educated advice on species selection are advantages we offer to assist you in creating healthy, lasting and valuable landscapes.


We believe there should be no distinction between retail and wholesale quality in plants. It is our goal to never sell you a plant that is undersized, unrooted or nutritionally deficient. All Season Wholesale Growers will only flourish by providing our customers with the reassurance that plants delivered will be the highest quality available to them.

To make certain of this, we have installed a state-of-the-art irrigation system. Our nursery is irrigated with a custom-built pump station that pumps the water from our retention pond, filters the water through two multi-media filters, injects sulfuric acid to maintain a pH level of 5.9 and injects fertilizer before being pumped out to all growing areas of the nursery.

We practice an extremely rigid weed control program. We use a combination of applying pre-emergent pesticides to all container grown plants and also hand pick any weeds growing in or around our plants on a weekly basis. We also maintain the grounds with visual inspections to quickly extinguish any pests that pose a threat to the quality of the plant material. The nursery uses organic pest control methods when available for the safety of our workers and the environment.

To ensure the plants are fully rooted and consistent in shape and size, our staff adheres to a maintenance schedule that includes light pruning of the shrubs and proper staking of the trees. The trees’ lower branching is not heavily pruned, which ensures a proportioned caliper size in relation to overall height.

It is visually obvious when you enter the nursery that the staff is proud of the appearance of the nursery and eager to pull the highest quality plants to fulfill your order.


All Season Wholesale Growers is a leader in the Phoenix nursery industry servicing landscapers and other nurseries.  We set ourselves apart by providing plant brokerage services and educated advice on species selection, creating healthy, lasting and valuable landscapes.   Consistent, premium customer service and quality of plant material is the basis for all of our relationships with employees, customers and peers.  We guarantee to always look for ways to improve upon our products, growing techniques, and education that we will then share this knowledge with our customers and industry.

Every member of the staff at All Season Wholesale Growers appreciates the fact that our customers are our most important asset. We will strive to provide you with consistent customer service at all times. We are not a corporate nursery; consequently, you will deal directly with the owner who will always be available to provide you with the highest level of service, regardless of the size of your order or organization. Your repeat business is our goal.


Please call our office for pricing on the inventory currently available. Our prices match the industry standards and in some cases may be less than the going rate.